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"It is the glory of the Lord to conceal a matter and the glory of Kings to search it out"

Joseph and his wife Claire live in Cape Town, South Africa. Born in Birmingham Alabama Joseph has travelled the world extensively speaking in conferences, meeting world leaders and creating businesses.  As a mentor he has birthed churches and successful businesses and loves being with the people close to his heart. A lover of the outdoors and everything risky Joseph thrives in an atmosphere where he can work hard and play hard while loving people in to maturity.

Joseph is the author of three books in a series called “Treasures of Darkness.” The first book called “Chronicles of a Seer” is a journey of love into discovering the armor of light, the second, “Echoes of a Father” is a journey into exploring relationship with Men in White Linen and the third “Foundations of a Transcendent Life Part 1” reveals foundations for beginning to live a life above normal human experience.

The Revelation Revealed team is comprised of volunteers around the world who are loved and committed to seeing the truths presented spread across the globe.