Book 2 – Mentoring


This is an exciting opportunity to go with Joseph and be able to connect personally while exploring depths of what has been written and more!  The book mentoring will go chapter by chapter through book 2 ‘Treasures of Darkness – Echoes of a Father’.  Each week will have questions and required reading.

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Start Date: 22 July 2019

Duration: 8 weeks

Time Slots Available: Tuesdays 13:30 CT or  Tuesdays 18:00 CT

You are dedicated to a time slot of your choice and can not alternate between the time slots seeing that there are limited seats available per slot.

NOTE: Please make sure you read the HOW IT WORKS thoroughly before booking your spot.

Time Slots

Tuesdays 13:30 Central Time, Tuesdays 18:00 Central Time


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